What Makes Shoes Sexy?

How do we define high-heels? Wikipedia explains it this way, high heeled shoes are “footwear that raises the heel of the wearer’s foot significantly higher than the toes.

In contemporary times, the high-heeled shoe comes in different styles and heights. The most common styles are stilettos (which in Italian, denotes a kind of thin dagger), pumps, block, blade, and wedges. High heels have a minimum height of 3.6 inches. Anything below will be considered mid heels (between 2.5 and 3.5 inches), and low heels (2.5 inches and below).

What Makes Shoes Sexy?

Sexy Shoes

The most common people you would see with such towering heels are Hollywood celebrities. Why do celebrities, or women in general, wear heeled shoes? It is one of the most punishing creations ever made – a glamorous torture device – yet women (and maybe some men) choose to wear the cursed things.

One probably reason would probably be is that it makes them (feel) a whole lot sexier (as if Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Megan Fox, or Angelina Jolie isn’t sexy enough on their own!). Celebrities wear them all the time, and I do mean all the time – everywhere, every time – except maybe when they’re on the beach, or working out.

For a more critical and Freudian psychoanalytical explanation on why women in general wear high heels, is that according to Freudian theory1;

… shoes represent the female body and in dreams, they represent female genitalia. The Shoe, “ is symbolic of the vagina. Tension between the ‘active’ and ‘passive’ components of the shoe … it is an economic balance of two parts: a womb-like enclosure and the phallic extremity.” (Kaite, 97) These are “heels with the potential of piercing and penetrating, and thus have powerfully invasive qualities.” (Kaite, 100)

Not only does high heels make women feel sexier, they feel empowered by simply wearing them (they tower over people, thus creating a physical hierarchy of some sort too).

Defining what shoe is ‘sexy’ is really a subjective matter – one pair may be sexy for one, but not for another; one may be sexy for women, but not for men, and vice versa.

4 Angles to Judge on How Sexy Your Shoes Are


Heels are the main reason why we see high heels sexy. High heels tend to make the wearer’s legs look skinnier,
leaner, and longer. And [stereo]typically, slender women are sexy, especially in the Western world
where slender models dressed in wings and lingerie tread across our imaginations.



Heeled shoes are made from various materials – suede, satin, textile, rubber, and of course, leather. All these materials have a certain degree of sexiness, it all depends on how the designer used the material. The most common material is of course leather. Anything leather is sexy, and high heels are definitely no exception.




I am not being materialistic, but in a capitalist and commercial world – high-end high heels are sexier than any other cheapskate shoe. Compare a pair of French Christian Louboutin pumps with the trademark red sole design, to an obscure indie brand from Marikina, Philippines – even if you haven’t seen any of the shoe, you’re probably thinking CLs are so damn sexy. (Most people wouldn’t even know where and what ‘Marikina’ is!)

Brand matters (sadly for us) when it comes to being sexy with shoes. But most of the time, the price comes with superb quality, design, and comfort – three reasons why celebrities can walk with them torture devices by Brian Atwood or Pierre Hardy, all day and all night.

Legs. Lots of Legs.

When you wear a pair of heels, wear it with the right stuff and reason – show your legs. High heels are created to flaunt your legs and make them look more slender and longer. Wearing them without the proper outfit (such as skirts [preferably short ones], or skinny jeans) is just pure pain, and no gain.

As I have told earlier, sexy is subjective, and it all comes down to the woman on how sexy she could be. Being sexy is not about the shoe walking you, it’s about you walking the shoes.

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